Healthy Infatuation


There’s a difference between mere attraction and relationship.

Saying your a Christian but never doing anything about it is like a single person making a mental note that someone is attractive and then leaving without trying to meet them. If you’re really interested in a relationship, you’d be fervently pursuing them with your time and attention.

  • The irony is that its only after you’ve thrown yourself at Jesus’ feet that you realize that its actually Him that’s been pursuing you.

Christianity is like marriage. Marriage is about the perpetual self-giving of each spouse to the other. And ultimately, your relationship is a private matter between you and Jesus. But He’s more than just an interesting person. Because He died for you. He gave everything.

If Jesus really is your spouse, how much of yourself are you willing to give to Him?

If you have no desire to spend time with your spouse, learn what they like and don’t like, listen to what they think is best for you and meet the rest of the family, what kind of marriage is that?


Author: Blake D.

Associate Pastor at Cedar Run Community Church.

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